How to contact Kafoozalum

By now you have met us and listened to some of what we do (if you haven't, click here to get to the "About Us"  page). Hopefully you will have enjoyed what you have heard.

You will probably want to see Kafoozalum  in action, so please use this link to get to the "See us live!"  page.

To find out if we are available for your date and what we are likely to charge, please contact Peter by phone at home or on his mobile, by e-mail through the green link below, by completing and sending us the enquiry form or, as a last resort, by snail-mail — if you must.

Home:020 8581 0359
Mobile:07973 250918
E-mail: You must enable JavaScript to see this e-mail address.
Address:20 Charles Street
Hillingdon Heath
UB10 0SY

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"The Kafoozalum Tunes"
The Kafoozalum Tunes