Come and dance to Peter Jenkins or perhaps even Kafoozalum!

This is not intended to be an inclusive, exclusive or even exhaustive list; it does not show all of our bookings.

Most of the events we play for are private parties (weddings & civil partnerships; anniversaries; birthdays; corporate events), so you probably won't get in unless you have an invitation!

But here are some open or public events that you can come along to and enjoy dancing to Peter Jenkins or Kafoozalum.  You might be able to buy a ticket in advance or pay at the door (it is probably best to check).  Some events are even free!

Contact details are given so that you can get more information (or phone Peter on 020 8581 2921 or 07973 250918).

DateOpen or public events (private parties are not listed here)More information & tickets
 All the year's events seem to be cancelled for the moment, due to that virus thing.

I will update this table when some real events come along.

In the mean‑time, please stay safe.

Peter Jenkins

New tunes, anyone?
Click on this picture to find out more about the collection of compositions by Peter Jenkins
"The Kafoozalum Tunes"
The Kafoozalum Tunes