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The Kafoozalum Tunes

A book of Country Dance Music and Other Stuff from Peter Jenkins
containing 42 original tunes

This A4 book has original compositions — jigs, reels, strathspeys, waltzes and other stuff — written for people, places, dances and fun.

Here's what's in it.


A Minor Catastrophe — but it's in E minor!
Altered Jig
The Apprentice — for the dance by Colin Hume — "Dances with a Difference", volume 1.
Ayrshire Bacon — from the old joke about the Scottish butcher "just warming his hands".
But NOT Morrismen!
Cat's Cradle — for the dance by Charles Bolton — "Optimistic Dances", volume 2.
Here is a dance-length mp3 version of Cat's Cradle, played by PJ, courtesy of Charles Bolton.
Connor O' Dennis
Drear Life
The Humours of Hillingdon
Jacki's Jig — for the (36 bar) dance by Colin Hume — "Dances with a Difference", volume 1.
Jig Without a Name
The Last Buss
The Loss of Much
One Mor
The Promised Land — for the dance by Colin Hume.
Siobhan Cottage


All the way to Beckenham — for the dance by Colin Hume — "Dances with a Difference", volume 1.
Here is a 32 bar snippet of All the way to Beckenham taken from the "Dances with a Difference", volume 1, album recorded by Kafoozalum in 1988 (Mollie, fiddle; Paul, guitar; Peter, accordion); courtesy of Colin Hume.
At the top of the Steppes
The Band Wagon — used by Charles Bolton for his dance "The Band Wagon" — "Optimistic Dances", volume 4.
Hear an mp3 of The Band Wagon, played by PJ, courtesy of Charles Bolton.
The Cyclist's Hornpipe
Diminished Responsibility
Dog Walk
The Facelift
Hugh & Cry — for the dance by Barrie Bullimore to celebrate the wedding of Rosemary and Gordon.
Here is an mp3 file of PJJ playing a dance length recording, produced by Pavan Verma — for which many thanks.
Here is a JPG file of the original "publication" showing dance instructions & tune. Sorry it's a bit scruffy; it's the only copy I've got!
Mrs L. P. Fogg
Pearl of Welwyn — for the dance by Mark Elvins
(from the collection "In With Both Feet" — available as an e-book from Dave Brown).
The Spa Weekend
The Stuttering Loom


The Driving Force — for the display dance "Expo Steam" by Wendy Chandler of Peterborough RSCDS.
Here is a JPG file of a sheet, constructed by PJ in the days of cut & paste with scissors and Tipp-Ex, showing the dance instructions and tune. This file looks rubbish on my screen (and maybe on your screen, too), but it does print OK from a saved file.
Lightmeter Rant
Lost your marbles?
Silky Blue Summer

Other Stuff

A Virgin from Waverley — a waltz.
Here is a JPG file of the score for you to save and print, free! See note above regarding the quality of the picture displayed on screen.
See a picture of "A Virgin from Waverley"!
Lesley's Welcome Return from Canada — a waltz.
One for Roger! — a waltz.
Peter Jenkins' compliments to Ron Fiske — 6/8 time but only 12 bars
- my alternative tune for "The Lum Hat Wantin' The Croon" (a John Drewry dance to a song by D. Rorie). Click to hear this tune played by Kafoozalum in 1985 (Mollie, fiddle; Peter, accordion; David Griffiths, 2nd box; Bill Budge, drums).
Puddles — a bourrée in 3/8 time. Here is an mp3.
Simply Rosie — for "The Lilt" — in 9/8 time and "GHB legal".
Rosie, the lady for whom the tune was written.
I have arranged "Simply Rosie" (GHB with second part) for 4 steps of "The Lilt"; it is available as a MIDI file or as an mp3.
The White Barn — a waltz.
— once our favourite restaurant near Maentwrog — but sadly, now closed.
Hear an arrangement of this tune (mp3)

Enough of this titillation…
How do you get your copy??

You can buy an e-book (digital) version from Dave Brown's website for £3.50

BUT if you want a PROPER ONE, PRINTED ON PAPER . . . .

you can buy a copy for £5.00, if you see me at a gig


you can buy a copy by post for the princely sum of £6.00, including £1.00 p&p
(or £11.00 for two copies, if you want to inflict one on a friend).

just send your cheque for the appropriate amount, made payable to Peter Jenkins, to:-

The Kafoozalum Tunes, Peter Jenkins, 20 Charles Street, Hillingdon Heath, Middlesex. UB10 0SY

*     *     *     *     *

The tunes in this collection are now available in ABC format here,

with corrections made as necessary; please let me know if you spot anything I've missed.

*     *     *     *     *

*Oh. no! He's only gone & written some MORE TUNES.*
The latest tunes are here, also in ABC format — enjoy!

The tunes are:

The Beast of Drumnadrochit — reel
Have you seen it? — reel
Sabotage — reel
Highland Toenail — reel
Streak! — jig
ECML — jig
McGonagall — strathspey
Pinkasaurus — waltz
Pure Invention — jig
It takes two to Tango — reel (tango!)
Elderberry Bubblegum — 5/4 time
(dance-length, seven turns, available as a MIDI file or as an MP3 file)
and now even a YouTube video to view HERE. Colin Hume with Contradition — video by Sue Carter.
Slate of Hand — jig
The Snowball Jig — jig
Glaw Cymreig (Welsh Rain) — strathspey
Mr. Merton of Puns — reel

…more to be added in due course, when I write them…
PJ's current tunecount — 15 as at 21st August 2013

You can view the score and hear a MIDI version of all my compositions (the entire Tunebook plus the new ones; FREE!)
at the abcnotation.com site — but this takes a while to up-date with the newer tunes, so you might not get the latest additions.

There is a good ABC tutorial at www.lesession.co.uk/abc/abc_notation.htm
and a good ABC converter at www.mandolintab.net/abcconverter.php