About Kafoozalum

Kafoozalum, a professional Scottish Country Dance Band, was formed by Peter Jenkins in 1978.
Our usual line-up is accordion, fiddle & piano; the band comes complete with a Caller to guide you through the dances.
Click on this link or this picture to meet some of the people involved.
Kafoozalum - the band
Kafoozalum (pronounced ka-foo-za-lum), derives its name from the well known schottische.
Click on the score to play an mp3 file of the tune.

Kafoozalum - the tune

Kafoozalum's  Scottish Ceilidhs are suitable for weddings, civil partnerships, anniversaries, birthday parties and other familiy celebrations, corporate events and dinner/dances to be held in hotels, marquees, village halls, private houses and mansions.

Kafoozalum  has been a regular at the London Ceilidh Club  (where you can hone your ceilidh skills for that special event) and for the open-air summer dance events in Kensington Gardens (Kensington & Chelsea News — report of 22nd August 2009 event). Details of our forthcoming "public" events are on our "See us live!" page.

Kafoozalum  occasionally provides Scottish/Celtic flavour background music for dinner parties, wine bars and theatre foyers.

Kafoozalum  is also well known to Scottish dance clubs and the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.
Kafoozalum  is based in London, but plays all over the place:
  • Birmingham in the North
  • Brighton in the South
  • Norwich in the East
  • Exeter in the West
and everywhere in between!

Promotional Video

This was recorded in 1996. It was originally on VHS, then DVD and is now on YouTube.
It is in three parts (having been converted to YouTube from the DVD); I still don't know how to join the three parts!

Part OnePart TwoPart Three

More video clips

Facebook — short video of Kafoozalum at Ceilidh Club

YouTube — Kafoozalum play "Rosemary's Reel"

YouTube — Kafoozalum play for the Gay Gordons display, 2012

Facebook — Kafoozalum play for the Gay Gordons display, 2014

Kafoozalum on Al Jazeera!

Kafoozalum play for RSCDS display at Kensington Gardens 18/08/2018


Kafoozalum was chosen by RSCDS London Branch to record two tracks on their 75th Anniversary CD
("Miss McLean of Inverness" & "The Jubilee Line")

Click here to hear a couple of clips from our tracks.

Sort of legal bits you might need to know

We have our own amplification (each of our Portable Appliances  has been Electrical Safety Tested  and each carries one of those little green labels). This kit includes a radio microphone and can cope with venues large and small.
The band has Public Liability insurance ({view certificate for 2019/20} or {view certificate for 2020/21}) at the level often required to work in town halls, community centres and many other public venues.