Peter JenkinsPeter Jenkins — is the box player

After spending 26 years running an insurance office, Peter is now doing for a "living" what he most enjoyed doing as a "hobby" — playing piano accordion for Scottish Country Dance, Reeling and Ceilidh (either solo or with Kafoozalum); and it's lively stuff, too!
He is also an accompanist for Scottish Country Dance classes and at Day Schools.

Here is a link to Peter's compositions
"The Kafoozalum Tunes"

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Simon — is our usual caller

Simon has many years experience calling with Kafoozalum  and other bands.
Simon brings his lively personality and sense of fun on stage whether the event is formal or informal.
He is available to act as MC for Scottish Country Dances and other events.
Simon is also a well respected teacher of Scottish Country Dance for the RSCDS.
RodRod — on the fiddle (well he is Welsh — and a Newport County supporter who went to Wembley in 2013)

Rod is classically trained but has spent most of his playing life involved with traditional music. As well as working with Kafoozalum, Rod has toured extensively with jazz and folk rock bands.

Click on the picture to see a fiddle player in his natural habitat.
Sergeant Bob — an occasional

often "on duty" when we need a drummer!

PaulPaul — an irregular pianist

Paul has worked with Kafoozalum on and off over the years (see the "Historical" page). He is a member of the ISM; teaches piano, guitar, bass, fiddle, singing and other more complex things related to music.

Take a look at Paul's website
Malcolm — "now where are those pesky sheep?"

Full of enthusiasm, Malcolm produces some of the most entertaining ceilidhs around (and he knows about tea!).
WendyWendy — in full cry at Cecil Sharp House

Wendy says that she is not as fierce as her picture suggests! But she is the lady for a high energy ceilidh.
She works with us regularly, with other bands and (if pressed hard) with CDs.
Wendy is also a qualified RSCDS teacher.

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